About BioProbe

BioProbe is a project funded by the European Research Council (ERC) with IBM Research – Zurich as the host organization. The ERC supports individuals who wish to pursue frontier research in Europe.

Techniques to study, work and locally probe adherent cells and tissues at micrometer distances from cell surfaces in “open space” would represent a major advance for the biology of biointerfaces. To this end, one needs tools for observing, patterning, assaying and stimulating biological interfaces, which can address a range of dimensions and volumes commensurate with the cell. Key is to control the physics and chemistry of these interfaces.

Within the BioProbe project framework, we:

  • Advance a non-contact, scanning technology, which spatially confines nanoliter volumes of (bio)chemicals for interacting with cells at the μm-length scale. This technology called the vertical microfluidic probe hydrodynamically shapes liquids on biological surfaces.

  • Work on problems ranging from accurate processing of tissue sections, screening diverse libraries to selected topics in regenerative medicine.

Microfluidic probe