microTAS 2016 in Dublin

20th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences 9-13 October, 2016, Dublin, Ireland.

Nadya and Aditya made oral presentations:

  • A. Kashyap, J.F. Cors, and G.V. Kaigala, “Spatialyze — statially precise analysis of nucliec acids using local cell lysis with a microfluidic probe,” pp 41-42.
  • N. Ostromohov, M. Bercovici, and G.V. Kaigala, “Delivery of minimally dispensed liquid interfaces for sequential surface chemistry using a microfluidic probe,” pp 85-86.

Federico and Xander presented posters:

  • F. Paratore, T. Zeidman Kalman, T. Rosenfeld, G.V. Kaigala, “Isotachaporesis-based surface immunoassay,” and M. Bercovici, pp. 665-666.
  • X.F. van Kooten, M. Truman-Rosentsvit, G.V. Kaigala, and M. Bercovici, “Focusing analytes from 10 uL into 500 pL: On-chip procesing of large volumes using isotachaphoresis,” pp. 898-8999.


GovindmicroTAS 2016 in Dublin