MFP demo presented at NanoBioTech-Montreux 2015

As part of outreach, a demonstration of the some of the results and a demonstrator of the microfluidic probe platform was made at the Nanotech Montreux Conference 2015.


(from left to right: Julien Cors, Goving Kaigala, David Taylor and Deborah Huber)

nadyaMFP demo presented at NanoBioTech-Montreux 2015

Julien Cors wins the best poster award

Julien Cors won the best poster award at NanoBioTech Montreux:

“Microscale biopatterning with hydrodynamically confined liquids on a scanning probe”

J.F. Cors, D.P. Taylor, J. Autebert and G.V. Kaigala

Congratulations Julien!


nadyaJulien Cors wins the best poster award

Congratulations Ariane Stucki!

Ariane successfully completed her Master’s thesis, Strategies for local heating of hydrodynamically confined liquids on surfaces with the microfluidic probe. Her thesis was submitted at EPFL, in the Department of Physics under the academic supervision of Prof. Giovanni Dietler.


nadyaCongratulations Ariane Stucki!