We are developing several microfluidic concepts, devices and platforms that could leverage features of the MFP. As one example, towards broader dissemination of this technology, a range of compact microfluidic probes (cMFP) are being developed that can be used on standard inverted microscopes.

In parallel, we are also developing hydrodynamic concepts, for example, the hydrodynamic flow confinement that enables shaping of sub-nanoliter volumes of liquid on a surface in order to perform spatio-temporal chemical alterations. More recently, we also extended this concept of localization to multiple liquids being confined simultaneously – hierarchical HFC (hHFC). Further, towards more conservative use of the chemicals and minimizing dilution of the retrieved chemicals from the surface, we also now developed a concept of liquid recirculation.

Compact microfluidic probe platform

HfcPrinciple of HFC and hierarchical HFC

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